How to Become a Successful Model (Beginner to Advance Guide)

How to Become a Successful Model (Beginner to Advance Guide)

Model Meaning

While modeling often gets glamorized in the media, when we actually sit down and take a look at what it means to be a model and all that goes into building a modeling career, it becomes clear that the meaning of modeling is quite complex and in-depth. Let’s review.

What does a model do?

To become a model, you will need to research the type of modeling you’d like to do, understand the strengths and beauty of your own body, practice posing in front of the camera, take photos to put together a model portfolio, and send applications and go to casting calls.

How to Become a model?

These are some common steps you can follow to become a model:

1. Decide what kind of model you want to be There are many types of models including fashion, commercial, runway, shoulder and neck, fitness and hand models. Additionally, you can specialise in modelling for still images or videos. Given this extensive range of options, it is important you begin your modelling career by identifying the type of modelling that best suits you.

2. Start practising at home You can begin practising for a modelling career at home. Look for videos of professional models and study the way they move and pose. Imitate your references to learn basic poses, postures and mannerisms. You can observe and perfect a runway walk in front of a full-length mirror if you have one.

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3. Practice Posing in Front of the Camera Practice, practice, practice! Modeling is one of those skills where practice makes perfect. Your ability to pose or strut down the runway is what differentiates you from a model and a professional model. Try setting up a simple studio in your home—all you need is a tripod and a camera or phone, set the self-timer on, and you can start document your poses in front of the camera. You can even try different locations, like a park, convenience store, or a library. Invite a friend to come with you and have them help you take photos. You can review all the pictures taken to see the poses that work best for you and how you can improve.

4. Train and exercise Consider using a local gym or dance studio to develop a training regimen. You can also start monitoring your diet and exercise to build your physique and maintain it. Modelling can be a very demanding career and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you stay mentally and physically well.


5. Build your portfolio You will eventually need to invest in a photographer to take professional shots for your portfolio. Make sure you have a good range of pictures in your portfolio showing you in different poses, costumes and characters. You can also experiment with props and make-up.

6. Look for an agent Most clients prefer working through a modelling agency, so you should try to find an agent. When you visit an agency, take your portfolio and be prepared to audition. You should know all relevant information about your body, like height, weight, eye colour, costume measurements and shoe size.

7. Take relevant classes There are modelling schools that teach about the industry and train models for performing at photo shoots and maintaining good health and nutrition. If you want to take classes to complement your modelling skills, consider acting or dance classes. Acting classes might help you in a photo shoot where you have to convey a mood or character. Dance classes can help you develop poise and good posture.

8. Look for opportunities to be noticed You need to invest some time in self-promotion to succeed as a model. Always look for opportunities to model that could get you noticed by potential clients. You could, for example, work with portrait photographers who can give you some exposure by featuring you in their social media or portfolio.

9. Use social media The Internet is a great way to promote yourself since you can post photographs and videos that potentially thousands of people will see. Through social media, you can build followers and develop a platform to showcase your work. If you do not already have a professional social media presence, start building one. Focus particularly on visual platforms that emphasise pictures and video.

10. Never let your pride down Till now, you have seen most of the steps on how to become a model, but not letting your pride down is not less important. No matter what you are still a valuable person with feelings, thoughts, and opinions. You are so much more than just a pretty face. Most fashion models accept the jobs they are booked by their agency, which is fine and quite standard. But if anything ever crosses the line or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to learn to speak up and voice your opinion before it’s too late. While we just mentioned commitment being a vital attribute, there is a fine line. You should never become SO dedicated to your career that it becomes more important than yourself and your own needs. What do you stand for? Make it known from the start, and stick to it unwaveringly. The less you worry about approval and acceptance, the better off you will be. Know when to put your foot down, and always have your own back. After all, if you don’t have your own back, who else will?

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