About Us

Havelock Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Brings you dynamic and exciting event experiences which all those special moments of your life into memories you will cherish forever. Our goal is to create value proposition to all our associates. We emphasize on creativity, attention to detail and flawless execution of servies which keep our clients coming back for more.

We make an entrance in the humongous market to make mark of our own. We aspire to design and execute events that keep the world united and entertained . Our events not only cater the entertainment industry but will also cater to th betterment of the society because that’s what the world is in much need presently.

We don’t call them clients, we call them a family, which will keep on growing as we grow our clientele. So whether it is a wedding or a corporate show or a concert we will go hand in hand with you helping you create not a show but a memory.

Our Mission

 We dedicated this show to youth of INDIA and LGBTQ+ community. With more than 50% of Indian populationbeing below 25 years of age, Our target group is brimming with untapped talent which we want to showcase on our platform.

Our show is the perfect platform for the SPONSORS/COLLBORATORS to make a difference in THE SOCIETY WE LIVE and pave the way for an inclusive culture. Meet the models from India who have stood out by daring to break away Social Taboos and overcome all prejudices.


Shruti Shrivastava


Shruti Shrivastava is the Founder of HAVELOCK ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD. She comes from a background of Chartered Accountancy where she topped the exam in Madhya Pradesh in Following her Passion, her career took off as an Air Hostess with Air India. Gradually, working with companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, she got her calling in the entertainment Industry. She now manages the finances & accounts of HAVELOCK ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD.

Tabish Khan


Tabish Khan comes straight from the background of events. After a stint with ISM, where he took care of the marketing department, he became familiar with the Entertainment industry. With a bigger vision in his mind, he envisioned a platform free of discrimination and came up with the idea of Nation Supermodel, the only Unisex Fashion Pageant of the country. He is the Co-Founder of HAVELOCK ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD.