Terms and Conditions

The Contestant understands he/she shall be contracted to and represented by NSM from the date upon being selected as a Contestant of the 'Selected Pageant' (Nation Super Model) to the conclusion thereof marked by the election of 'Winner of Nation Super Model’.

Contestants must fit the pre requisites of the contest they enter.

Contestants must be major by age and should not be married or divorced, minors (if selected) will have to produce a no objection certificate from their parents/guardians for Miss & Mr catagory.

The Contestant shall make full and honest disclosure of particulars as requested by NSM. Any misrepresentation of any fact or particulars (deemed material by NSM) shall result in disqualification.

The Contestant irrevocably grants NSM the right to use such particulars in any manner as NSM may deem fit.

The Contestant warrants he/she has not been charged or convicted in any court of law in any country and that he/she is not a fugitive nor is he/she wanted by any law enforcement agency.

The Contestant shall not, without the prior written approval of NSM, speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the Nation Super Model.

If selected as one of the finalists, he/she must attend and compete in the NSM finals.

The Contestant will be judged for the beauty of face, figure proportion, poise, and personality.

He/she will be required to appear in swimwear and evening wear or with any other sponsored products.

The Contestant will agree to parade in these items as and when required by the organizers.

Contestants will agree for a contract which is committed by the company to any sponsor or associate.

The contestant agrees to pay the fees. The fees is Non-refundable.

No claims shall be entertained regarding the payment refunds in any case.